Friday, October 07, 2011

Taiwanese to Form Patent Bank to Defend Local Companies

Taiwanese to Form Patent Bank to Defend Local Companies
Quasi-government patent trove aimed at staving off attacks on LCD and smartphone industries

Photo: ChrisReed/iStockphoto

6 October 2011—The ongoing patent infringement war between Apple and Taiwanese smartphone giant HTC—and the increasing number of entanglements involvingTaiwanese LCD panel makers—has prompted the Taiwanese government to accelerate plans to retune its patent system. Draft guidelines for a national intellectual property (IP) strategy are set to be finalized in November and are expected to include a controversial item: a "patent bank," partially sponsored by the government, which would back Taiwanese multinational manufacturers facing patent disputes from foreign companies.
The quasi-government agency, the Industrial Technology Research Institute (ITRI), announced plans for the IP bank on 1 September, saying that it could be similar to existing defensive patent aggregators such as RPX Corp. and Allied Security Trust. Such patent-aggregation companies aim to buy out all the patents that might be asserted against their members.