Thursday, February 17, 2011

氣候災難遷徙潮 將成亞太棘手問題


亞洲開發銀行(Asian Development Bank)警告,在氣候變遷下,台北、上海、曼谷、雅加達等亞洲各區域之超級大城,未來除了面臨嚴重天災直接侵襲的威脅,還可能面對外地氣候難民湧入的壓力。

亞銀預定3月上旬出版《亞太地區氣候變化與人口遷徙》(Climate Change and Migration in Asia and the Pacific)報告,最近提出草稿供各界討論,其中指出,氣候災難引發的移民遷徙將威脅亞太地區穩定與發展,如果各國再不採取前瞻應對策略,未來數以百萬人計的跨國遷徙潮,將造成更棘手的人道危機。

亞洲人口集中 遇災相對脆弱


Monday, February 07, 2011

Taiwan Patent Court a Concern for U.S. Tech Firms

Taiwan Patent Court a Concern for U.S. Tech Firms
Reformed IP legal system deals blows to Applied Materials and Lam Research
Photo: iStockphoto

7 February 2011—Two recent patent infringement court rulings in Taiwan have sent a chill through U.S. technology companies operating there. Intellectual property (IP) suits brought by these companies have helped fend off competitors in Taiwan’s market for semiconductor and LCD manufacturing equipment. And in the past decade, U.S. companies have sought speedier decisions through reforms and a dedicated IP Court. But now that the court is in session, the new legal system is speedily dismissing U.S. patent holders’ claims.

The IP Court, long awaited by foreign investors, was established in July 2008. It hears civil and administrative cases, as well as appeals of criminal cases. Analysts caution that despite the recent judgments deterring U.S. patent plaintiffs, whether the new specialized IP Court is really rocking the boat in the island’s tech industry remains uncertain. However, the court’s relatively low number of infringement-case rulings in favor of patentees has already drawn some attention.

Research presented last December at a joint seminar of the Taiwan Patent Attorneys Association and the Ministry of Economic Affairs’ Intellectual Property Office analyzed patent infringement cases the IP Court received from its inception through 31 October 2010. The researchers found that the patentee win rate in the first trial is just 12 percent, while in the second trial it’s just 11 percent. According to Ming-Yan Shieh, professor of law at National Taiwan University, the average patentee win rate in infringement cases in the year and a half before the IP Court (from 1 January 2007 to 30 June 2008) was about 30 percent.